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Good Light Group meeting #16

In this meeting of the Good Light Group - our 16th already - we provide a brief update on the progress of the Good Light Group in the following areas:

Furthermore, if you missed the interesting presentations by Oliver Stefani and Adrià Huguet-Ferran, they are now available for viewing!

Oliver Stefani - The luminous landscape of light loggers.

Oliver discusses the significance of natural light to humans, delving into studies concerning dose-response relationships for mEDI and melatonin, sleep, pupil responses, and sleepiness. He covers the reports of light loggers—individuals who record, through handheld or wearable devices, the amount of light they receive during a normal day. The results of these measurements identify necessary improvements need to be made to get more natural light. Oliver also emphasizes the importance of reporting the season in which data is collected for human sleep and circadian studies.

Adrià Huguet-Ferran - Kumux

A brief overview of the work of Kumux: they transmit data to lighting control companies to transform static lighting systems into autonomous dynamic systems, requiring no user intervention. Adrià explained aspects of the system functions and the various software data available. The lighting systems are designed to mimic natural light and adhere to the principles of human-centric lighting, aiming to have a positive impact on people's health.


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