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Good Light Group meeting #19

Last week marked our 19th Good Light Group meeting. We began with a brief update on the progress of the Good Light Group by Jan Denneman. Following this presentations by Roger Sexton, Peter Raynham, and Dave Hollingsbee, concluding with a Q&A session.

Research into the acceptance and effectiveness of task lighting for non-image forming effects of light

A practical experiment concerning in-workplace task-lighting designed by UCL and executed by Stoane Lighting. The effect on 30 participants of using the 2022 recommendations from Brown et al on mood, alertness and sleep are explored.

Roger Sexton, Stoane Lighting covered the background: why is practical in-workspace research needed to complement more disciplined laboratory research. What were the research goals and what apparatus did we make especially for it. 

Professor Peter Raynham, Emeritus Professor of the Lit Environment, UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE) covered his experiment design and went through the results and his analysis.

Dave Hollingsbee, Managing Director Stoane Lighting showcased the product developed as a result of the research.

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