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For a healthier and happier life

Good light

Good light experience

The right amount of light is needed for a positive influence on a lot of things! It improves your sleep quality, alertness, fitness, concentration, mood swings, productivity and more. Many scientific experiments show that “good light” has a positive effect on synchronizing your biological clock with the real clock. Overall, people feel much better and fitter during daytime and have a better mood.

Working from home has become commonplace for many people. But most of them don't pay enough attention to the lighting in their home office. That's why we launched the 30 days of good light experience.

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash


Are you starting your good light life?

You would really help us if you would fill in this scientific survey before you start and after 30 days. So we get information about your sleep, health and alertness

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Read the testimonials of all the people who participated in the 30 day good light experience here.

30 days experience

Want to try living in good light for 30 days and enjoy all the benefits? You can find more information about how to join here.

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Your light situation

Here you can upload your photo or tell us about your current lighting situation! How would you rate it? We are very curious!

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