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My good light experience

First of all, thank your interest in our good light experience.

We are really glad you joined our movement! We have a few options for you to choose from to start your experience!

Scroll down for the solutions you're able to chose from. If you are ready and have picked the one you liked please complete the application form and let us know which solution you have chosen.

Once we receive your submission and you have chosen to borrow a daylight lamp, we will let you know if you have been chosen to participate and will send you more information. 



Enjoy the outdoors for at least 2 hours a day. Even if it is raining! A transparent umbrella will do.

IMG-2569 clean.jpg


A simple and affordable solution to start. You have to get used to the brightness, But it does the trick. More information here


Your spring feeling all year round. For more information about this option, click here



Woodcrafted luminaires

For more information, click here



You can chose between de Vivaa Free and the Lavigo.



Daylight indoors. Especially for the 30 days experience they offer the BrainLit Alven

Do you want to participate!?

Experience what good light will do for your sleep, vitality, and mood for 30 days.



Fill in the form below

What we ask

  1. You are willing to post your experiences about good light on your social media.

  2. To complete a questionnaire for a scientific survey before and after the experience.

  3. Send a photo with your good light setting for us to use online.

  4. If you have chosen to borrow a daylight lamp we will ask you to send the lamp to the next person or manufacturer, we will provide instructions on how to package and send the lamp.


Application form

With the lights on!
I consent this picture is going to be used for online purposes
How much time do you spend here during the work day?
How much time do you spend outside during the day??
Do you want to join our 30-day experience?
Would you like to receive the Good Light Newsletter?
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