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Happy people need

Good Light

Rethinking lighting

Good Light indoors

Are you suffering from mood disturbances, sleep problems, difficulties with learning and memory or health problems? You might spend too much time indoors, and the light inside is often not good enough for our bodies to live a healthier and happier life! 

Without good light, our bodies cannot perform our physical processes well enough. This leads to long-term health problems and, of course, the experience of short-term issues like sight problems.

Good Light is the right light at the right time. Good Light is daylight, or indoor light mimicking daylight as much as possible.


What Good Light brings us?

The wrong light at the wrong time might be  a problem for all people living and working indoors, it is in particularly bad for people already suffering from sleep- and mood disorders, such as depression, or brain problems, such as dementia. It is estimated that about 13% of the global population suffer from some kind of mental disorder. A simple improvement of the light environment may be beneficial for all of us.

Good Light has the following beneficial effects on the human body and brain:

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