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Good light

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

30 Days
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Working from home has become commonplace for many people around the world. Many people are improving their home offices, such as better chairs, desks, screens, a coffee maker, etc. However, not enough attention is paid to the lighting in those spaces.

Most people are not aware that they need good light. The light inside is usually not good enough to enjoy all the health benefits that good light can give you. The right amount of light at the right time is needed to positively affect your sleep quality, alertness, fitness, concentration, mood, productivity and more. So, read below what it did for all the people who lived in Good Light for 30 days.

Ine Bummbelhuis.jpg

Ine Brummelhuis #8

During Ine's youth, she lived in Spain for ten years, where the light was bright and sunny, automatically bringing happiness. However, when she moved back to the Netherlands, she missed that cheerful and sunny light both outside and indoors, especially at home and in the office. She often found myself saying that it felt too dark, so Ine consciously opted for a bright interior. But even that didn't seem to be enough.

Just after 10 days of using it, the positive effects became evident.

Her findings where:

  • A boost in energy levels

  • Overall sense of feeling "lighter"

  • Happier

  • Sleep quality improved

  • Restful nights

Read his full story

EDGE Olympic - NL - Amsterdam - Horizon Photoworks -27 kopie.jpg

Floris Wouterson #7

Sleep coach Floris Wouterson participated in Good Light Group's 30 Days Good Light Experience last year. He has office days, but also spends a lot of time outdoors. "I have been optimizing my sleep for a long time. It would be crazy if I didn't, being a sleep coach. I prefer to be outside for at least an hour every day anyway, preferably for exercise."

Over the past year, Floris used the lamp regularly.

His findings where:

  • more energy

  • Made him feel good

  •  mood is affected in a positive way

  • ensures that I sleep well in and through the night

Read his full story

Erna van het Erve, Studio Kleurmerk #6

For many years Studio Kleurmerk has been advising organizations about 'good' and 'healthy' light. "I tell the same story again and again: what light can do for them. In hospitals, nursing homes, schools and more, it sometimes feels like I’m a missionary. It's the power of repetition, so we don't give up."

However, Erna says, I am a little embarrassed to confess this, I had never experienced good light for myself. Until one of my employees needed a demonstration model for her presentation. Afterwards the model ended up on our desks.

Now she literally practices what she preaches

Her findings where:

  • No more slumps during the day

  • Feels fit all day long

  • A very good night's sleep

Read her full story

IMG-2569 clean.jpg

Anne, Participant #5

Anne, a freelance marketing communication consultant participated in the ‘30 days Good Light experience’ with a simple solution to create good light at her workspace.  This solution consists of two flexible desk luminaires each with a smart bulb with high lumen output (more than 1500 lumen). She always thought her home office had plenty of light, but the lux meter (a measuring app for light) showed it was way less than the daily light requirement.

During the experience she noticed she doesn't squeeze her eyes anymore, goes to bed earlier and wakes up more energized.

Her findings where:

  • More energy

  • Improved productivity and focus

  • Less squeezing with her eyes

  • More regular sleep pattern

  • Might even have improved her mood

Read her full story here

Foto Maike Jeuken.jpg

Rob, partner of Maike Jeuken. Participant #4

Rob, partner of Maike Jeuken and participant in the ‘30 days Good Light experience’ with the provided Sparckel lamp. He used the Good Light in his basement where his home office was set up during Corona. He doesn't have any windows in the basement and was completely shielded from natural daylight, befor the Good Light lamp. He enjoyed the lamp for three weeks and was very enthusiastic about it.

His findings where:

  • More energy

  • Improved productivity and focus


The only thing he didn’t like was: we asked him to return the lamp after the experience, he doesn’t like his home office without it anymore.

You can read his full story in Dutch here

afbeelding maike jeuken 2.jpg

Maike Jeuken, Dutch freelance journalist. Participant #3

Sparckel provided a daylight lamp for her ’30 days Good Light experience’. The main reason she wanted to participate was her trouble sleeping. She already tried everything to get rid of her sleep problem, from earplugs to weed oil, even listening to white noise. What helped was a good daily routine, lessen evening activities, go to bed every night at the same time and reduce screentime. Now she wanted to know how light can improve her sleep and mood.

Her findings where:

  • Every time she turned off the Sparckel lamp it felt like a rainy afternoon, while it was sunny and dry outside.

  • It gave her more energy during the day.

  • It improved her mood and focus.

It was a true revelation, our daylight, free of charge and unlimited access, how such a simple thing can improve so much


You can read her full story in Dutch here


Katia Kolovea, founder of ‘the lighting police’ and curator of ‘woman in lighting’. participant #2

For her 30 Days experience, Brainlit provided Katia with Alven, a lamp which helps synchronize daylight needs and supports beneficial health outcomes.

The high quality of light was a big difference compared to the lights she was working in prior to the experiment. Her productivity, quality of her working environment and her sleep have been improved, although it has been hard to keep a good daily routine during those 30 days since she was rather busy with work, so her screentime in the evening has been higher than usual.

Read more about her experience

Jeroen Kreule AD.JPG

Jeroen Kreule, freelance journalist, participant #1

We provided a lamp from one of our Participants Sparckel. This lamp mimics daylight and is especially designed for use on a desk, so perfect for a home office. Before the experience, Jeroen had troubles with sleeping, he wakes up at least two times a week at 4 am and cannot get his mind to shut down. The next day his concentration drops, or he even dozes off behind his laptop.

He used the lamp for a minimum of 4 hours a day. He experienced several positive effects, like:

  • The times he woke up in the night were way less.

  • He did not doze off anymore during the day.

  • He is happier.

  • He is less moody.


Read the full article here:

Happier after four hours of good light each day

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