UNESCO International Day of Light

The Good Light Group will organize an online event in the context of the UNESCO International day of light. This event will be organized in collaboration with other partners. The Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms - SLTBR, the International Association of Lighting Designers – IALD, the Daylight Academy – DLA and Luger Research have teamed up with the Good Light Group to organize deLIGHTed talks. The theme will be Good light - Good life.


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Daylight Awareness week 

3 reasons why we need daylight


Series of three virtual public events to celebrate the International Day of Light


Different topics, ranging from seasonal rhythms to biological effects and health benefits of daylight, will be presented and discussed by brilliant speakers.

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30 days good light experience

The Good Light Group will challenge several people, working from a home office, to experience good light for a period of one month in 2021.

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