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Do you wake up tired?

The best choice you can make for your health is:

1. To be outside a lot during the day, especially in the morning. At least half an hour!

Daylight is the best light for our health. It has the right intensity and the right colour variation during the day.

This is step one of our three steps to good light.

Exposure to daylight is essential for optimal well-being. We advise you to spend two hours a day outdoors, particularly in the morning for at least 30 minutes. The importance of daylight lies in its unique properties: the right intensity and dynamic colour variation throughout the day. These factors contribute to a balanced circadian rhythm, which affects your sleep quality, mood, and overall health. Prioritizing outdoor activities or simply stepping outside for half an hour every morning can be an impactful step toward a healthier lifestyle.

If you want to bring good light in your life, watch our latest videos, click here: Try | Home | Good Light Group | Foundation

Light supports us in everything we do. Good light has a great positive impact on our experience of energy, sleep, happiness and health.



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