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Good light

for a healthier and happier life

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For professionals


Here you can find all info for professionals, and by professionals we mean teacher,s health coaches, sleep coaches, lighting experts, architects, psychologists, just someone who wants to take care of their employees or none of the above but still a professional.

What is good light

Good light is the right light at the right time in accordance with our activity and our personal needs during each day of our lives.

Good light projects

Brainlit v2_edited.jpg

BrainLit - Home Office

Sparckel - Nursing Home

Home office annette_edited_edited.jpg

WiZ - Home Office

04. NatureConnect  - BNP - Meeting room - Corridor 1.jpg

Signify - NatureConnect


30 days experience

Do you want to experience the benefits of good lighting for yourself? Read about others' experiences? or improve your own lighting situation.

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