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You know this feeling?
Try Good light

Good light for a happier and healthier life, start now!

Sleeping badly? Feeling down? Waking up tired? 
Lacking concentration? Blurry vision?

Maybe you spend too much time indoors, where the light is often too weak during the day and too bright in the evening to keep us healthy and happy! 

Good light (daylight or light that mimics daylight) is the right light at the right time. We need bright light during the day and dim light in the evening. So we can function at our best!

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Good light brings us:
  • improved sleep

  • more energy during the day

  • improved concentration and productivity

  • a happier / improved mood

  • a synchronised biological clock

Bad light causes us:
  • sleep problems

  • a lack of energy and feeling unproductive

  • difficulties with learning and memory

  • mood disturbances

  • health problems on the long term

Try good light

#1 Daylight

Enjoy daylight as much as possible at least 2 hours a day.

#2 Close to a window

If you are indoors during the day, sit within 1 meter of a window and live by the 20-20-2 rule:

  • After every 20 minutes, look at the sky for 20 seconds

  • Spend 2 hours outside every day

#3 Install Good Light

Really can't go outside or sit close to a window? Try to sit in Good Light that mimics daylight.


Are you starting your

good light life?


You would really help us if you would fill in this scientific survey before you start and after 30 days.

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30 days experience

We offer a good light experience! Not completely free. We just need your time and there are some restrictions.

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