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World Health Day 2021

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Today, 7 April 2021, it is the World Health Day, organized by the WHO. The theme this year: building a fairer, healthier world. To support your health, make sure that you get good light. Daily good light regulates your day-night rhythm and has a positive effect on your immune system, helpful to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

We spend 90% of our lives indoors, deprived from natural daylight. This negatively impacts our bodies, minds, sleep, mood, performance and immune system.

It may seem unnatural but when the light indoors is good enough to see well, it is still not good for your health. In most cases the power of the light indoors is insufficient to properly regulate the day-night rhythm. The consequence of this is that many people don't sleep well, aren't energetic during the day and suffer from mood swings. The lack of light has a negative impact on health.

Make sure you are outdoors for a good time every day, especially in the morning, and get your dose of daylight. If that is not possible, sit inside close to the window and make sure that your workplace is brightly lit. Approximately five times brighter than the current practice. And make sure that you dim your lights in the evening, so that your body prepares for a good sleep.

Are you already aware how good light helps improving your health? Read more here



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