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Two interesting speakers at our 9th Good Light Group Meeting

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Thursday the 24th of February, we organized the 9th Good Light Group meeting. We always ask two participants to give a short presentation about new research, their company or new innovations. In this meeting Nicholas Witton talked about the effects of daylight and our workplace culture and Oliver Stefani talked about the projects of Chronolight.

The first presentation was given by Nicholas Witton a sleep Consultant and Researcher. He has a PgDip and MSc in Sleep Medicine at The University of Oxford. He also works at Elite Sleep where he is employee well-being.

He talked about the effects of daylight and evening long-wave light on sleep and performance. How the combination of a lack of daylight can lead to sleep deprivation and Social Jet Lag which affects alertness, productivity and result in lower performances

Our workplace culture in 2022 is not very healthy, 29% struggle to create a sustainable work-life balance, high stress and increased mental health issues, reduced vitamin D production and long-term light desensitisation which means body clock desynchronisation and increased sleep problems.

The second presentation was held by Oliver Stefani who works for Chronolight. Chronolight uses scientific findings on light effects and offers advice on good lighting. He explained some of the projects they worked on, for example: ‘Design meets Biology: Lighting for Skyguide’s air traffic controllers. Lighting design in harmony with chronobiology’ and ‘Consultancy for Fraunhofer on light in vehicles’.


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