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The third deLIGHTed talks was a hit!

All lectures are now online, so if you missed it, you can now enjoy listening to the three different topics and learn more about light.

In the free webinar deLIGHTed talks several lighting experts talk about various aspects of what light does to our health. In cooperation with the Daylight Academy, Society of Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms, International Association of Lighting Designers, Luger Research we organize the deLIGHTed talks webinars.

Four light professionals were invited to talk about Healthy Lighting Recommendations, Bright days, Dark nights and to lead the panel discussion.

You can now watch the lectures online here:

Dr. Luc Schlangen - Introduction on Healthy Lighting Recommendations

He will give a brief introduction on a recently published set of recommendations for bright days, dim nights and indoor light exposures to best support human physiology, sleep and wakefulness in day-active people.

Dr. Christine Blume - Bright Days

Beyond sleep, daylight has repeatedly been shown to have beneficial effects on mood. In her talk, Dr. Blume will outline the scientific basis of her recommendation, that the foundation for good sleep is laid during the day - with adequate exposure to daylight.

Koosje Lamers, MSc. - Dark Nights

During this presentation, we will explore the importance of dark nights, and the implications of light pollution for our own wellbeing, cultural history, and our natural environment. We will touch on solutions and discuss how initiatives like the Darkness of the Wadden project can combine fighting light pollution with sustainable development.

Curious about the panel discussion?

Carla Wilkins together with the other experts answer a lot of questions from the attendees.

More information about the experts or lectures here


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