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The clock with thousand hands. How the biological clock influences your life

A book written by Anneloes Opperhuizen and Marijke Gordijn.

Our Board member, Marijke Gordijn, and science advisor, Anneloes Opperhuizen, recently published a book that explains the biological clock and its effects on our sleep and well-being in an easily understandable way. The book also includes background information and handy tips.

In the book ‘The clock with thousand hands’, you discover the profound impact of your biological clock on overall well-being and performance. This internal clock dictates whether you are a morning or evening person, influencing the natural rhythms of sleep and peak productivity.

The book also highlights that your biological clock knows best when you should have your meal and when the body is optimally prepared for digestion. Readers gain insight into the origins of the "basic clock" and how to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. The last chapter of the book is dedicated to the topic of the circadian syndrome, showing what happens when it goes wrong, e.g. if you are a night worker, an extreme morning or evening person, when you travel over time zones, or after the annual daylight saving time shift. Also here, tips and tricks with of course a focus on ‘good light’ to prevent or cure misalignment.

Through clear explanations and practical tips, the book demonstrates how your biological clock affects sleep, productivity, well-being and health. It equips you with the knowledge needed to lead healthier lives by aligning daily routines with your internal clock.


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