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International Day of Light

Today, 16th May, we celebrate UNESCO's International Day of Light, highlighting the crucial role light plays in our health, happiness and well-being. Good light (daylight or electric light that mimics daylight) is essential for good sleep.

But if you think you need darkness for better sleep quality, you are completely right. You need darkness at night. But you also need bright light during the day. Daylight is the best!

Consider yourself sitting in a dimly lit room during the afternoon for around half an hour. How would you feel?

•             A: Bright, active and full of attention

•             B: Awake, but not very alert

•             C: Sleepy, hard to keep my eyes open

Did you answer not very alert, or even sleepy? So, this is what a lack of light can do to your brain! With more daytime light you feel active and you sleep better at night. So, if you want to improve your sleep, focus on the right light at the right time.

Here are 4 simple rules:

1.           Go outside during daytime as much as possible

2.           Use bright light in the morning

3.           Dim your lights towards dinner

4.           Make the night as dark as possible



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