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An introduction to our new board member: Virginie Gabel

I am a neuroscientist and a chronobiologist and I have studied sleep since 12 years now.

At first, my focus was to study the effects of light on human behavior and sleep. After my PhD in Switzerland, I moved to the US for 3 years as a postdoctoral fellow, still studying the effect of light and aging on humans sleep. During that time, I was also coordinator of a science communication association and had the chance to share scientific knowledges with a wide range of people. I realized that they all were interested in learning more about sleep, especially as sleep problems is in constant increased in our society these last decades. Many were talking about taking some medications, instead of changing their sleep habits and I realized that there is a huge gap in this domain and real learning needed to be done.

Back in France, I decided to open my own company Clock&me, to share these knowledges about sleep and circadian rhythm. I do consultancy in companies to help employees deal with their sleep problems simply by changing some life habits. And one of the most important of them, is the exposure to natural light. People do not realize how important the light is to start a good day and reinforced your biological rhythm, leading to a better sleep.

I can even more rely on that assertion now, as I continue my research at the university of Caen , studing sleep in extreme condition and people who have lived in a cave, out of any natural light exposure....

When I first heard about the Good Light Group, I found this initiative so thoughtful, and it was obvious for me to join them as a Science advisors. It has been now more than a year that I participate in the group meetings and activities and help spread the word about good light recommendation.

I am now very proud of becoming a board member and continue working on good light guide both for general public and specialists. It is very important for me to let people know that with simple changes in their life, especially their exposure to light, they can truly improve their sleep and thereof their quality of life.


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