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New participant: Summa Systems

Introducing Summa Systems, who recently joined as participant, is all about the future of lighting. In this video, you can join Gé Hulsmans, 'Director of Specifier Services at Summa Systems,' as he guides you through the evolution of lighting, spanning from energy efficiency to well-being, and tells you all about Summa.

Summa Systems, based in The Netherlands, is a wireless lighting controls company. They deliver technology for the lighting industry. The focus is on the delivery of good and healthy light with the right intensity and the right spectral content. One of their key technologies is Triple White Colour Mixing Technology, which enables the choice of any white colour point – exactly on, above or below the Planckian Locus. Even after the fixture has been installed. Furthermore, their lighting controls platform enables easy and troublefree implementation of circadian lighting cycles, for example of those from Kumux.


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