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Listen to our discussion about good light in the podcast 'Get A Grip On Lighting'

We´ve been invited to talk in the podcast ´Get A Grip On Lighting´ to argue about the subject quality darkness is essential to good sleep. We contend that good light during the day is also essential to our circadian rhythm for a good night’s sleep.

Get A Grip On Lighting is hosted by Michael Colligan and Greg Ehrich, who have over 30 years of combined experience in the lighting industry. The podcasts feature deep conversations with many industry experts to highlight some of the more pressing questions of today.

We discussed that the lighting industry focused too much on energy savings and that they should focus more on providing ´good´ light during daytime which means healthy light, light that mimics the sun, and provide darkness during night-time. But also, what light does to our circadian system, since we are the only species that live inside and the kind of health issues we suffer from because of this.

There was even a bet for a beer, Michael claims: ´Withing 10 years there will be scientific proof that sunglasses cause major health issues in humans´.


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