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Kick off first webinar deLIGHTed talks

The first deLIGHTed talks webinar ‘good life – good light’ was a great success! Almost 200 attendees listened to the free webinar about how good light indoors contributes to health and well-being.

Four light professionals were invited to talk about good light and how it affects your well-being. They explained several topics regarding good light:

  • The difference between daylight and electric light.

  • The effect on your sleep- wake cycle, biological clock, and mental health.

  • How exercise, good meals and social interactions are as important.

  • The decrease of myopia when exposed to outdoor light.

  • Recommendations for the right amount of light during the day.

  • How to reset your biological clock when it is disturbed.

  • How light therapy is beneficial for people with a bipolar disorder.

  • The realization of a primary school with good light in every room.

Watch the lectures of Annette and Julia here:

Good Light for Healthy, Daytime-Active People | Good Light Group by Annette STEINBUSCH, MSc. S&R Manager Light Quality at Signify, The Netherlands

Case Study of a School Project | IALD by Julia HARTMANN, Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Interior Design, IALD, CLD CEO and Creative Director at lightsphere, Switzerland

Relevance of Daylight for Humans | DLA

by Mirjam MÜNCH, Dr.

Centre for Public Health Research, Massey University Wellington, New Zealand

The other lecture will be here as soon as it is ready.

Want to read about our recommendations? Get our Good Light Guide, which contains a lot of information about good light.

We look forward to the next delighted talks webinar!


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