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Just returned from vacation and already feeling groggy? Here's how to prolong that holiday vibe

Our board member Jan Denneman was interviewed by the Dutch news website NU.NL about how to maintain the holiday feeling.

One day you're lounging on a beach, and the next, you're back at your desk. To avoid plunging straight back into the daily grind, here are some tips to extend that vacation feeling.

We Need More Daylight

Jan Denneman, president of the Good Light Group Foundation, believes the vacation euphoria slips away so quickly primarily due to our limited exposure to natural daylight. "Most people work in environments, like offices or hospitals, that lack sufficient natural light. Regardless of how you spent your vacation, you likely spent more time outdoors than during a typical workweek.”

Daylight plays a pivotal role in regulating our biological clock. Receiving adequate daylight helps synchronize our internal clock with the day's rhythm. "It ensures our day-night cycle aligns with the actual time," Denneman states. This alignment is crucial since our biological clock significantly impacts our sleep quality. The combination of fewer daily tasks and improved sleep during vacation naturally enhances our overall mood.

Seek the Light

Even after returning home you can maintain that relaxed feeling. Firstly, spend more time outdoors; morning light is particularly beneficial. "Even on an overcast day, the outdoor light is sufficient."

For those confined indoors, positioning your desk near a window can be beneficial. "The closer, the better. But even a few meter away offers some advantages, although the light intensity diminishes."

Lastly, Denneman suggests using specialized desk lamps for good light. These lamps project adequate light into your eyes, a standard rarely met by conventional indoor lighting.


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