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Is your office making you sick?

When we think about dangers in the office, we often worry about immediate and visible hazards, such as fires, which result in clear protocols and substantial insurance claims in the aftermath of such events. However, there are other dangers in the office that might not be immediately noticeable but can still harm our health over time. Insufficient lighting, poor air quality, and improper desk setups can lead to problems such as difficulty sleeping, increased illness, or headaches.

Photo by Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash

For instance, inadequate lighting can strain our eyes and disrupt our body clocks, making it hard to get a good night’s sleep—and good sleep is essential for our well-being! Poor air quality in the office can lead to breathing difficulties, reduced focus, and feeling sick. These issues are often symptoms of "sick buildings," which lack clean air, proper lighting, or comfortable arrangements, though we might not notice these problems until they affect our health.

People who work in ‘sick buildings’ are able to make insurance claims if they become ill due to poor air quality and incorrect temperatures, but what about light which is equally important. Currently, many building owners do not implement changes until they are required to do so. If workers could voice their concerns about becoming ill because of the building, it would encourage owners to pay more attention to the building's health. Ensuring our offices have clean air, sufficient light, and proper setups is crucial. It can make everyone healthier and happier at work and save the business money on sick leave.


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