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Industry insights | Standardising healthy circadian lighting

A summary of the article from LEDs magazine

There is consensus among scientific experts on the need to develop lighting fixtures and lamps to support the health of the human circadian rhythm. The Circadian Light Research Centre study involving 248 scientists yielded 24 vital conclusions. They highlighted the importance of circadian lighting, lighting that can be adjusted in intensity and blue tones, which promotes optimal health by maintaining your natural body clock. They particularly emphasised the benefits of bright blue light during the day and the use of warmer tones and no blue light in the evening.

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Given the unanimous agreement among scientists on the importance of circadian-friendly lighting, this presents the lighting industry with an opportunity to innovate and avoid potential liabilities. The development and adherence to standardised circadian lighting are critical, not only for commercial prospects, but more importantly, for mitigating adverse health effects associated with circadian disruption.

This industry insight serves as an important incentive for lighting manufacturers to align their product development strategies with validated scientific standards, allowing them to create lighting solutions that are conducive to human health while seizing new business opportunities.

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