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How was your holiday!?

Holidays, a time away from the hustle of our routine life, and perfect to take your time to relax. A time free from daily tasks, and a perfect time for your interests or hobbies, travel, or get some rest, a good moment in which you spend a lot of time outdoors. But what makes this time a time that you are exceptionally happy and feel healthier?

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplashed

If you go on holidays or have some time off, you spend a significant amount time outdoors. Much more than during other times of the year. Without intention or knowingly you help your circadian rhythm get in track with regular time. This is very beneficial to your health. You sleep better, have a better mood and more energy. When on holidays most of the time the weather is good and you often walk, cycle or exercise more which also contributes to your overall health.

Spending more time in daylight plays a crucial role in your physiological and psychological health. Sunlight also promotes the synthesis of Vitamin D, a vital element for overall health and immunity. Regular exposure to daylight helps maintain your body's internal clock (circadian rhythm), which regulates your sleep-wake cycle with the time of the day and improves your sleep quality. You feel more rested in the morning and more energy during the day.

So hope you had a happy and healthy holiday and spent a lot of time outdoor!



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