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Good Light Group meeting #17

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

In this meeting of the Good Light Group we start with a brief update on the progress of the Good Light Group. The results of our yearly survey have been presented. The Net Promotor Score is 58%, which is very high.

Malgo Kenyon

Malgo Kenyon talks about Lumie, an organization that's been around for 32 years. She'll cover Lumie's history, how their light therapy lamps have changed over time, and their focus on helping people sleep better and have more energy. Starting back in 1991 with small light therapy lamps and the first wake-up light in 1992, Lumie has grown thanks to ongoing research and studies.


Anneloes Opperhuizen

A presentation with insights of Dr. Anneloes Opperhuizen and Dr. Marijke Gordijn latest book, The clock with thousand hands. Dr. Opperhuizen herself delves into the influence of our biological clocks on our sleep and well-being. She explains how these internal timekeepers determine whether we're early birds or night owls, significantly shaping our sleep patterns and times of energy. The book also highlights the lesser-known aspects of our biological clocks, including their role in when you should have your meal and when the body is optimally prepared for digestion.


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