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Good Light Group meeting #15

This week, we had our 15th group meeting online. During the meeting, we had the pleasure of hearing Sarah Morgan and JoAnn McKeown of Nano-Lit about the return on investment of good Light and Oliver Stefani about the Daylight Academy.

The first presentation was held by Sarah Morgan, CEO and founder of Nano-Lit Technologies, a company that specializes in manufacturing circadian rhythm lighting systems. What sets them apart is their use of quantum dots, making them the pioneers in this technology. During her talk, Sarah addressed the barriers they encountered in the lighting. The industry, driven by an engineering approach, often fails to explain to customers why they should invest more in a healthy light instead of purchasing a regular LED solution for lower costs.

Sarah presented several numbers showcasing the return on investment (ROI) in terms of energy savings and reduced healthcare costs. After the presentation there was an interesting discussion, so don’t hesitate to watch it!

The second presentation was held by Oliver Stefani about the Daylight Academy, an international membership organisation connecting scientists, architects and other professionals with a strong interest in daylight related topics. He showed their current projects:

  • The role of daylight for humans

  • Can daylight protect children from myopia

  • A room with a view (importance of the view out and its quality)

  • Daylight metrics, measurements and data

But overall he talked about how daylight affects us.


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