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Even Apple understands our need for natural light!

Did you know with the latest update, watchOS 10, your Apple Watch is now equipped with a light sensor to measure the time you spend in sunlight? Apple emphasizes the significance of natural light, stating it’s crucial for the proper development of children's eyes and beneficial in enhancing mood, sleep, and reducing stress levels for everyone.

Image of the Apple website

The health application elaborates: “Time in daylight is an estimate of the amount of time spent in sunlight... Spending 80-120 minutes outside each day can help lower the risk of myopia or near-sightedness in children. For adults, around 20-30 minutes outdoors every day has numerous physical and mental health benefits.”

However, the time Apple suggests isn’t quite enough. Our team of science advisors recommends spending at least half an hour outdoors in the morning and a total of two hours each day!

Nevertheless, introducing such a feature is a huge step forward. It’s great to see a company as influential as Apple acknowledging our needs to live healthier and happier lives, focusing not only on exercise and nutrition but also on the benefits of natural light.



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