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Be healthier be happier

Daylight gives life. This is common knowledge. The energy of daylight is undeniable. Plants need daylight to grow, to survive. Animals that evolved to live by day also need this light, just like plants, just like us!

Too little daylight can be thought of as an outdoor plant standing in a dark room and slowly withering away. This is because outdoor plants evolved to survive outside and not in a dark room, they need the outdoor climate and daylight. You can compare this to the human body. We have transmitters in our eyes that tell our brain what time it is and what processes need to be set in motion, these transmitters are triggered by daylight. So it also affects our physical processes like sleep, energy, the organ system.

The consequences of too little daylight are rigorous. It starts with too little sleep, which not only has a huge impact on your mood, but also on your health. Scientists link too little sleep to conditions like burnout, depression, dementia, other brain damage, obesity and heart disease! So you can actually say that we literally become that withered plant when we get too little daylight! So STOP being in twilight all day (that’s the amount of light you get when staying inside)! And go outside or make sure you do have enough daylight inside or install Good Light indoors.



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