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A new participant: KUMUX!

KUMUX believes in harnessing the benefits of natural light alongside existing lighting technology. Through scientific research, they've developed artificial intelligence that enhances existing lighting control systems by providing them with optimal lighting settings data, including correlated colour temperature (CCT) and brightness. This allows them to recreate the effects of natural sunlight indoors while adapting the lighting to suit specific activities in each space.

KUMUX's automated lighting control system operates seamlessly throughout the day, all year round, unlocking the full potential of tunable white LEDs for the health and wellness of our users.

The advantages of proper lighting for overall well-being are often underestimated. As Leticia Arranz Rodríguez, a marketing specialist at KUMUX, puts it: 'By joining the Good Light Group, we are part of a movement dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of quality lighting in our daily lives for the maintenance and enhancement of our health and well-being.'


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