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A multi-million grant to keep the biological clock healthy

Dutch researchers are joining forces to conduct research together with a series of societal partners to keep the biological clock healthy in our modern 24-hour society. This BioClock consortium will receive a research grant of no less than 9.7 million euros for this. It is one of the projects that receive funding within the program of the Dutch National Research Agenda of the Dutch National Research Council (NWO), to which the public could submit their questions. The Good Light Group is one of the societal partners that supports this initiative.

Our biological clock is disrupted by the 24-hour society in which we now live. The goal of the BioClock consortium is to restore and preserve the health of the biological clock. The plans cover the society as a whole: from human health and disease to the natural environment and protection of biodiversity. The Good Light Group is especially interested in topics related to the keeping the clock healthy by incorporating the right light at the right time.

BioClock is internationally unparalleled in the scope and applicability of biological clock research. Many of the academic consortium members have contributed to years of fundamental research on this topic. The Good Light Group is looking forward to collaborate with the prestigious groups of scientists to stimulate the development of concrete applications for society.


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