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Winter blues?

Feeling moody or depressed, having trouble waking up?

In winter we spend more time indoors. The light during the day is often too dark for our bodies and brains. This means that our eyes tell our brain that it is already getting dark and that we need to sleep.

So your brain is probably not properly synchronised with real time.

Try good light! Bring good light into your life to wake up better rested.

This video is about the second step to good light. If you are inside, stay within one metre of the window. With your face or side facing the window. Otherwise, your eyes will still only see twilight. Your brain will synchronise with real time again, for better sleep, mood and health.

Watch the first step to good light here.

If you want to bring good light in your life, watch our latest videos, click here: Try | Home | Good Light Group | Foundation

Light supports us in everything we do. Good light has a great positive impact on our experience of energy, sleep, happiness and health.



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