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We were on the radio!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Our board member Marijke Gordijn was a late night guest in the Dutch NPO radio 1 show ‘de Slapelozen’ translated ‘the Insomniacs’. The theme of this night was ‘rhythm’. Together with the host ‘Frits Spits’ and photographer ‘Mischa Keijser’, she talked about light, darkness, melatonin, sleep-wake rhythms, light pollution at night, photography, music, art and the silence of the night.

The radio show is especially created for everyone who can’t or doesn’t not want to sleep during the night and is broadcasted for five nights in a row from 02.00 till 04.00 a.m.

In a season of five episodes a sleep expert, behavioural therapist or psychologist is a guest in this show, people can call the show to talk about their sleep problems and can ask for advice. The radio program will be followed by a television program in November 2021.

Listen to the broadcast:


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