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Second deLIGHTed talks is a fact

The second deLIGHTed talks webinar ‘wintertime edition’ was a great success!

deLIGHTed talks is a free webinar with lighting experts who talk about different aspects of light and our health. We organize the deLIGHTed talks in cooperation with the Daylight Academy, Society of Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms, International Association of Lighting Designers, Luger Research.

Two light professionals were invited to talk about the winter blues, daylight saving time and the effect it has on our well-being.

You can now watch the lectures online here:

The circadian clock plays a crucial role in switching to constant standard time or continue with DST, it potentially impacts our health and performance. In this talk, Till will give the necessary background to understand how the circadian clock, the social clock, the sun clock, time zones, and DST interact.

Manuel will talk about the impact of light on our physiology and behaviour. He will talk about how our eyes and brain process light and what the appropriate light exposure is.

Attendees asked questions about these topics which were answered by different experts.

Want to read about our recommendations? Get our Good Light Guide, which contains a lot of information about good light.

We look forward to the next delighted talks webinar!


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