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Katia Kolovea, our new ’30 days Good Light’ participant

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The amazing Katia is a lighting designer who puts her heart and soul into her job.

She is the founder of ‘the lighting police’ and curator of ‘woman in lighting’.

She started the Good Light experience on July 13th, so she is on to her second week now. “Goes very smoothly so far. Eye adaptability is much better since day 1” according to Katia.

She received the light ‘Alven’ from BrainLit. It has a personal connected, dynamic and free-standing LED luminaire-powered BioCentric Lighting™ system. It instantly alters the emotional character of its environment and delivers a more natural light to its user. Alven helps synchronize with daylight and supports beneficial health outcomes.

Visit and follow her Instagram for an update of her experience.


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