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Healthy buildings for healthy people

It is essential that buildings and homes contain natural light and fresh air as a fundamental part of their environmental factors. In current times, we spend 90% of our lives indoors while, if you look at the evolution of mankind, we spent most of our lives outdoors. Our bodily functions are not used to living most of the day indoors in rooms with insufficient light.

Nowadays, many buildings have good ventilation systems. But what about daylight? It is still often forgotten to include this in architectural designs. Although it is happening more and more because people are starting to realise how important daylight is. There is even an organisation that rates buildings on their health. Among other things, they rate buildings on how much daylight they let in. This is not surprising, if you read our previous article in which we wrote about the beneficial effects for employees when they work in more daylight. And employers not only benefit from more productive employees, but in the short term also from lower electricity prices.

As electricity costs continue to rise, it is more expensive to light buildings with artificial light! Let daylight in! Build more buildings with large windows, as there are literally no downsides.



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