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Good Light Guide for healthy, daytime-active people

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Our Group promotes good light, which makes people healthy and happy. Good Light is the right light at the right time. Good light is natural light or electric lighting with comparable beneficial effects on our lives as natural daylight. Being outdoors is the best remedy. Indoors, the light is usually good enough to see but in most cases not good enough to positively influence our biological clock, sleep and mood.

Many people have asked for more guidance on good light. With a group of Participants, especially those with a scientific background in the fields of chronobiology, sleep, and lighting, we have composed a practical guide with recommendations for people that are active during the day. Of course, natural daylight is always best, but also needs some precautions. To realize good light indoors requires a few principles. We describe good light in four dimensions: attractive, dynamic, optimized and personal. In the guide we give direction to how to design your lighting indoors. Good luck, and please share your experiences.



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