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Board members Jan Denneman and Marijke Gordijn tested light therapy lamps

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The Algmeen Dagblad asked Jan and Marijke to test different light therapy lamps. Nowadays a lot of people suffer the winter blues. A daily portion of good light makes you more energetic, happier, and healthier. Make sure during the day that you get a healthy dose of good light. Especially when working indoors.

Photo by Jean-pierre Jans for Algemeen Dagblad

People will be a lot happier and healthier if we recognize the importance of good light. "Good light is just as important as healthy food and healthy air. You have more energy during the day, your mood will be lifted and you will have a better night's sleep." According to Jan Denneman, it's important to get the right light at the right time. Those who can not be outside all day can purchase a light therapy lamp, but does it help? Test panel Jan and Marijke tested five light therapy lamps.

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The story is also picked up by the Belgian newspaper HLN. You can read this story here:



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