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The power of good light indoors: boosting sleep, alertness, mood and productivity

Science advisors and board members of the Good Light Group have written a position paper on the effects of good light and plea for including good light in norms and regulations. The summary of this paper is:

Good indoor lighting is essential for enhancing healthy body rhythms, sleep quality, alertness, mood and productivity in the workplace. However, current indoor lighting practices and recommendations prioritise vision over health, leading to disruptions in our biological clock and alertness. Limited exposure to natural daylight also contributes to this problem. Scientific recommendations for people with regular daytime schedules call for higher light levels during the day and lower levels in the evening and night. Adopting these good lighting recommendations in norms and regulations will lead to improved indoor lighting and overall well-being of individuals as well as having a significant socio-economic impact.

The article discusses the dark side of indoor lighting and how it’s disturbing the biological clock, with adverse effects on sleep. It also explains how indoor lighting throughout the day, boosts alertness and mood. And concludes that this is a bright idea that benefits individuals and society.



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