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Introducing our other new board member: A brief overview of Roger Sexton

I first came across the GLG a couple of years ago when Jan Denneman (Good Light Group board member) gave me a call about it. It’s an area I have been interested in for well over 20 years since I was lucky enough to be involved in a small way with some early research. Through the years I have kept myself up to date as more evidence is consolidated and was particularly excited to read the metanalysis last year from ‘The Manchester Group’ leading to specific lighting design advice, now I gather included in a draft version of ISO 8995.

The company I work for, Stoane Lighting, are sponsors of the Good Light Group. They are also active members of the industry associations Lighting Europe and the Lighting Industry Association. They produce dedicated luminaires mostly for the lighting design fraternity. The foundation aim of their manufacturing approach is minimum environmental impact, whether considering the efficiency of the active components involved or the through-life embodied carbon. Experience in all these areas with Stoane gives me I think an interesting bucket of experience to put on the table at meetings within the Good Light Group, and with a feeling of honour I have accepted the invitation to join their Board.

What are my feelings about the Good Light Group?

Some of their actions are already tackled by the other organisations I have mentioned above. But what I don’t see outside of the Good Light Group is one independent organisation focused entirely on this one topic. Connecting university research; lobbying for legislation; spreading awareness via its own events and SM; championing good lighting practice on its website; producing good light guides aimed at different sectors; supporting initiatives in the care home segment (is there one crying out more strongly for its lighting to be thought through?,)…. I could go on. I always enjoy working with people who believe strongly in a subject and find the energy to do something about it.

What will my specific contribution be? I don’t know what will happen further down the road and will put my shoulder to any cause that makes sense to me. But at this juncture I can think of three things: practical, in the market, trials of The Manchester Group’s daytime lighting advice with University College London; an initiation of links between dementia organisations and the Good Light Group and working with the Good Light Group’s Work Group Science to produce lighting design healthy light guidance - here interfacing with the IALD will be essential.


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