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Good Light Group meeting #11

We got together online for the eleventh Good Light Group meeting on Tuesday the 28th of June. In these meetings we always let a couple of participants talk about their business or new research.

This meeting:

  1. Renske Lok of the Stanford University and our Science Advisor talked about the impact of daytime illuminance on cognitive functioning and alertness.

  2. Merijn Wegdam the founder of Sunshower talked about ‘low dose UV for healthy vitamin D level in wintertime’.

#1 Renske Lok, her presentation was about the effect of light on subjective alertness, mental performance and how these depend on homeostatic sleep pressure and the circadian clock. She talked about the alerting effects of light occur during the night and how we can improve daytime alertness.

#2 Merijn Wegdam, his presentation was about ‘Low dose UV for healthy vitamin D level in wintertime’ he talked about the fact that in the wintertime the sun is not powerful enough for health benefits, so Sunshower combined sunlight with the daily shower. They developed a light that is waterproof and provides the user with just enough UVB to maintain a healthy vitamin D level in wintertime.



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