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Good Light Group gets support from Science Advisors

Since the first quarter of 2022, the Good Light Group introduced the concept of Science Advisors. Next to the existing Participants and Partners they are supporting the Good Light Group. Their role is to ensure that the information, claims and guides are based on scientific arguments.

The Good Light Group has already 20 Science Advisors in various fields of expertise such as chronobiology, light and health, sleep, neuroscience, psychiatry, and medicine. The multidisciplinary input will support the Good Light Group in bringing a complete story on the importance of good light and the impact of light on people.

The outreach to individual scientists to join as Science Advisors proved to be a very practical way to involve many scientists in the work of the Good Light Group.

For the latest update on the Science Advisors, see the dedicated webpage:

Scientists who would like to join as Science Advisor can contact for more information.


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