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Curious about where to find good light?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

We created a project page, here you can find places where they have installed Good Light. You can read about experiences, where to visit these places and about the supplier. For example the Good Light Project: NatureConnect by Signify.

The NatureConnect lighting innovation by Signify is built on the visual, biological and emotional benefits of natural light to reconnect us to the outside world. It mimics the natural patterns of daylight indoors to create rich and meaningful lighting solutions for comfortable, engaging and attractive indoor environments that support wellbeing.

The NatureConnect system contains different lighting elements that all have their own role to collectively create natural lighting experience. It provides the right light at the right moment during the day by automatically following the rhythm of the sun. With the intuitive wireless user interface, the end-user can switch from the circadian rhythm to a lighting scene best suited for the activity in the space.

The project page will be regularly updated with all kinds of new projects, so stay tuned and visit the page often.



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