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Working from home in biological darkness

The mornings and evenings are getting dark again, which is especially noticeable because we are now working from home more often. Where you normally spend your day in the office with fluorescent or LED lighting from the ceiling, which is in most cases not bright enough to improve your alertness, mood and your sleep at night, you now probably have to do with only a desk lamp and a cosy shaded floor lamp in your ‘home office’. Although this may be enough to see, there is a very low light intensity entering your eyes, even lower maybe than in your main office. This may have clear negative consequences for health, mood and well-being.

Dutch television broadcaster RTLnieuws brought up this item online and in a TV documentary on September 5th. Good Light Group participant Sparckel demonstrated their solution for the home or office workplace and Karin Smolders, representing our scientific participant from the Technical University Eindhoven and Marijke Gordijn from the board of the Good Light Group were interviewed.



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