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Why a healthy biological clock is so important

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

It’s important to have good light (sunlight or light that mimics sunlight) during the day and darkness during the night, so your brain can sync with the day/night cycle. If it’s too light at night or too dark during the day our brain has trouble syncing with this cycle, this affects your mental and physical health.

Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

Not only light pollution at night has an impact on your biological clock, a room which is insufficiently lit during the day or the use of your tablet or phone in the evening too. The BioClock research consortium studies a healthy day and night rhythm for young and old people, people who work nightshifts, in healthcare and the impact on nature. The University of Groningen plays a major role with among others our board member Marijke Gordijn. The Good Light Group is part of the BioClock Consortium.

The wrong kind of light doesn’t only have an effect on us, but on nature and our new-borns too. Read all about it in the Dutch newspaper Trouw.



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