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The sun as “Zeitgeber”

In his article (below) in the Dutch magazine “Endocrinology” (credits to tijdschrift Endocrinologie,, dr. Aart Mudde sketches the underestimated attention for the epiphysic-hypothalamic system in medical practice. This system is influenced by light and for some critical health aspects high intensities are needed like from sun light, which is missing indoors. The epiphysic-hypothalamic system plays a role in melatonin production and disturbances in melatonin production probably links with diseases like hypertension, diabetes and Alzheimer.

Because most of us spend our lives in biological darkness, our inner “Zeitgeber” the SCN which encodes for the circadian rhythm is chronically ‘ill’. There is a relative simple solution: more light indoors during daytime, exactly what the Good Light Group is promoting.



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