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The health transformation of LED Lighting

In the 100th edition of LED professional Review magazine, our board member Jan Denneman presents a commentary giving a quick overview of 16 years LED history.

A summery of the article

LED lighting has evolved from a niche application to becoming the primary light source in indoor and outdoor lighting. However, the focus has largely been on energy and cost savings, and the potential of LED lighting indoors to enhance health by improving sleep patterns and mood is less recognized. The development of lighting solutions that promote people's health is not only a socially responsible step but also opens up new possibilities in the market.

Rather than waiting for another 100 editions of LpR to witness this change, all stakeholders in the lighting industry can take action now. Let's start by telling the story of good lighting, applying it in our own environments, and executing inspiring best-practice projects that demonstrate the power of health-focused lighting. Together, we can transform the lighting market and consider light not only as an energy-saving tool but as an essential tool for our health and well-being.



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