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Sustainable office popup event at the Achelse Kluis

Buropix is a specialist in (re)furnishing your office or business premises. They supply and place office furniture with an eye for ergonomics, acoustics & lighting. They want to create a comfortable, ergonomic and fun working environment.

You can now join the Roadshow 2022 in which Buropix wants to highlight the sustainable office environment of tomorrow. They opened a POPUP showroom to the general public in the Achelse Kluis in the Netherlands where they organise professional events with fascinating info sessions.

Today Tuesday 11 October Jan Denneman will talk about the topic: Learn how the health and well-being of employees can be improved through good workplace lighting.

We don't just use light to see better. According to science, light is also an important source of nutrition for our bodies.

The science is very clear: good light is as important for our health as good nutrition and good exercise. How can we realise good light in indoor spaces to improve the health and happiness of lighting users? And how can we do this in a sustainable way? More than 90% of our lives are spent indoors, shielded from daylight. There, light levels are usually good enough to see, but far too low during the day and usually far too high at night for good health. What almost no one realises is that indoor light levels are similar to the strength of daylight outside around the times of sunrise and sunset. So if you are indoors during the day, you miss the strength of daylight when the sun is up. This confuses our biological clock and the quality of our sleep deteriorates, with all the adverse consequences for employability, health and happiness. Electric indoor lighting must therefore compensate for the lack of daylight. Good light is the right light at the right time.



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