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Stoane Lighting are proud to be a Participant within the Good Lighting Group.

We are an employee-owned, specialist manufacturer of architectural luminaires, founded in 1995. We manufacture everything to order, by hand, at our premises in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our range of standard products are often complemented by project-specific bespoke solutions. We are continually developing to keep up with the best of emerging technologies and the latest expectations of forward-thinking lighting designers. Such trends include sustainable manufacturing and design for circularity (which have always been part of our culture), biophilia, circadian lighting systems, eliminating as far as possible light pollution, and controls. Where do all these tributaries converge? We look forward to working with The Good Light Group in this search. One thing is certain - that light itself is the start of everything. Left in the picture is Dave Hollingsbee, Managing Director and right is Ali Kay, Technical Director.



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