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Light is essential for life

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Our participant ILDC (intelligent lighting design & consultation) is launching a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign for their new product. They have developed a lamp (simply circadian) that changes with the right intensity and light colour according to the 24-hour cycle, they closely replicated the spectral content of daylight through the day, and after sunset the lamp provides a light spectrum optimised for evening and preparing for sleep.

Watch their explaining video:

They developed the simply circadian lamp because, like air, food and water, the quality of the light we live in is a key determinant of our holistic well-being, productivity, and user experience.

Studies show that Human behavioural, biological, psychological, and visual systems are all turned to the 24-hour cycle. Also known as the circadian rhythm; and a balanced circadian rhythm is essential for a balanced life.

Most people spend more than 90% of their lives indoors, shielded from daylight and those important benefits. Still most electric light does not meet the intrinsic needs of the people who use it and causes adverse effects with repetitive and/or prolonged exposure.

But many people can’t go outside for a few hours every day because they have office jobs, work nightshifts or… you name it. So, lucky for them, these daylight mimicking lamps are on the rise.



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