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For three years in a row, the Good Light Group and LED Expo Thailand have been partners of SMARTTECH ASEAN. This year we have been invited again to present the Good Light story at their educational symposium on September 22.

The contribution for 2022 will consist of three parts.

1. Good indoor light for better health

People spend most of their lives indoors, shielded from natural daylight. Indoor electric light is good enough for visual tasks, but usually insufficient to compensate for the lack of daylight.

To make the best use of light, you need to understand the four elements through which light affects our bodies: the circadian rhythm, the biological clock, the daylight detector and the twilight zone.

People need to start to recognise the symptoms of screened-out daylight: poor sleep quality, low energy during the day and mood swings, and relate these symptoms to the lack of light. Then they can take action. A three-step approach is explained for bringing good light into your life.

2. Guide to good light

This sets out the requirements for indoor electrical lighting to best replicate the positive aspects of daylight.

3. The innovation challenge

Why is the focus on good light the biggest innovation opportunity for the lighting industry, interior designers and lighting designers?

If you want to participate, please follow the following link to the LED Expo website. After the conference we will also make the presentations available online.



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