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Lectures deLIGHTed talks 4 online!

Want to watch a particular lecture back or did you miss DLT4? You can now enjoy the two lectures, panel discussion and introduction.

In the free webinar deLIGHTed talks, several lighting experts talk about different aspects of what light does to our health. In collaboration with the Daylight Academy, Society of Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms, International Association of Lighting Designers, Luger Research, we are hosting the deLIGHTed talks webinars.

Three lighting professionals have been invited to talk about how good light indoors contributes to health and well-being. You can now view the lectures online’.

Welcome, introduction by Dr. Debra J. Skene, University of Surrey

She gave a brief introduction on the topic of how good light indoors contributes to health and well-being, as well as a brief introduction about the presenters.

Let the Sunshine In by Dr. Thomas Kantermann

Light means life, growth, and progress. Without sunlight, life on Earth would not be possible. Research shows that lack of sunlight and exposure to artificial light at night can disturb the process of entrainment and can compromise health and well-being. One obvious solution to this challenge is to have bright days and dark nights, a solution that is progressively more and more difficult to achieve.

Bringing Natural Daylight Indoors by Dr. David Geisler-Moroder and Mag. Wilfried Pohl, Bartenbach

Expanding the previously energy-driven building standards and certifications to so-called “Well Building” standards will increase the importance of daylighting. And Human Centric Lighting (HCL), where the health effects (Non-Image-Forming NIF) oflightare in focus, will amplify this trend, too. Design tools with climate-based dynamic annual simulations of daylighting, artificial lighting and climate facilitate holistic planning. They will show a few basics and some realized building examples.

Curious about the panel discussion?

The experts answered a lot of questions from the registrees.


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